Sixty-eight years of helping those in need

EST. 1956

Why Us?

The Times Colonist Christmas Fund has been supporting the community since 1956, when it started raising money to help those in need. The fund provides food for the hungry, toys for children, and comfort for all.

We work with partners throughout Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands to help them do as much as possible in their communities. A major partner is the local chapter of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller, which does extensive research to ensure that the money is distributed as efficiently as possible.

Operating costs are kept low because the Times Colonist provides support to the fund in several ways, including promotion at no charge. 

Thank you!

The final count is in! Thanks to you, the Times Colonist Christmas Fund raised $1,121.796.82 in 2023 — and that money will make a lasting difference in our community.

The big story, however, is in where the money goes.

We have already given a million dollars to about 60 organizations that help people in need. Thanks to our partnership with the local chapter of the Sovereign Order of St. John, and thanks to your support, we are making things brighter and better for thousands of people.